It’s safe to say Bill Murray is the man around Chicago these days ever since the Chicago Cubs broke the 100-year curse & won the World Series this year, but it's no secret that his love for the Windy City doesn’t end with sports & the Cubs. Last night, the famous actor decided to stop by Lupe Fiasco’s concert in Austin, Texas where he showed support to the Chicago rapper backstage, and even demanded an encore as well.

“When @BillMurray comes to your show in Austin, TX and proceeds to FORCE an encore! (Gave me some amazing words of encouragement)” Lupe tweeted with the picture of two backstage meeting one another. I wonder what those words of encouragement were from Bill? You know it had to probably be life changing.

Check out Lupe’s hilarious tweet & run-in last night with Bill Murray (below). What other rapper(s) do you think Bill listens to?