If you know Billie Eilish, then you know she's into some creepy sh*t. Her music videos often include elements reminiscent of horror movies, like her black, bleeding eyes in "when the party's over," her spastic movements and the needles stabbing her back in "bury a friend," and the twisted, dark angel creature she becomes in "all the good girls go to hell." However, despite her affinity for the freaky, one child managed to seriously creep Billie out in a segment on Jimmy Kimmel, where she asked some kids the question (and the title of her debut album), "When we all fall asleep, where do we go?"

Though most of the kids discussed the subject of dreams in a fairly standard way, one of them listing off all the places you can go in your dreams like "the desert" or "the dinosaur times," and another reciting the Spanish prayer she does before kicking zombie butt in her dreams, not all the responses were so cute. At the end of the video, a little boy named Michael tells Billie that he likes to read scary bedtime stories before he goes to sleep, specifying a story about Pennywise The Dancing Clown. He tells Billie that he's seen the character from Stephen King's horror novel It and subsequent films in real life, and that Pennywise was in the room at that very moment. Unfortunately for Billie, the creepy clown was, according to this little demon child, sitting on her head, eating and drinking various animals and, most specifically, a "grandmother." The video ends with Billie telling Michael that he's "a weird little dude," which may be the understatement of the year.