Billie Eilish isn't just a low-key sneakerhead... she's all about her rare kicks. In the past, she has appeared on Sneaker Shopping with Complex, where she went crazy over a few of the most-hyped Off-White collaborations. While she definitely does seem to be a little bit of a hypebeast, she has become a style icon for the younger generation, wearing what she wants, how she wants, when she wants. 

It looks like she'll need to do some soul-searching after what just happened to her existing collection, which surely features hundreds and hundreds of rare pairs that anybody would fawn over, because what she knew of it is no longer.

Updating her Instagram Stories, Billie revealed that her precious puppy took a very expensive poop in her bedroom, seemingly exploding and scattering the evidence across her sneaker collection, which is worth thousands of dollars. The video showed the singer furious that she now needs to clean up her rare Dior x Air Jordan 1s, her custom Louis Vuitton Yeezy Foam Runners, some unreleased pairs, and other gems.

It can't be fun to walk in on something like this, especially for a sneakerhead.

Hopefully, Billie is able to restore her sneakers to their best form. If not, we're sure she's got the right connections to hook her back up. RIP to those Dior 1s though...