Just a few days after serving a public announcement to fans about keeping their hands to themselves at meet and greets, Billie Eilish has now directed her attention to her loyal following once again, this time aimed at their wellbeing. The "Bad Guy" singer was performing in St Kilda, Melbourne when she stopped her set after a fan had to receive emergency medical attention.

The young concertgoer recovered enough to be able to leave the venue, Metro reports, which prompted Billie to send her fans a message.   

"That’s so fucked up, I’m really sorry about all of that," Billie told the audience. "She’s OK. You guys mean the whole world to me. Please drink water, please eat, please take care of yourselves."

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images 

"We can't have this be the rest of our lives. We were talking about it the other day, we're just like, 'I'm 17, dude.' I can't have my life exactly like this forever, and he can't either," Billie previously stated when discussing fame and her current lifestyle with her brother. 

"It's a weird balance, because I want to grow in my life, and grow up and have a life. But I already have my career. ... Having been on tour, I know how it works. I know that you leave and it's a little bit of your friends being sad. Then, you're gone for long enough that life moves on and they keep doing things. It's the same way as if someone dies. You have to keep going. You shouldn't be mourning them every two seconds for the rest of your life. You have to keep going."