To accompany her recent ELLE magazine cover feature, Billie Eilish sat down with the publication for their song association game. The 17-year-old superstar has been topping the charts ever since her debut studio album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? reached the No. 1 spot, and with billions of streams under her belt, many are expecting for her career to reach insurmountable heights.

Eilish is often portrayed as a moody, angsty teen with a chip on her shoulder, but ELLE showcased the softer side of the singer. In the song association game, ELLE gave Eilish a word and, as quickly as possible, she had to come up with a song that uses that word in the lyrics. The pressure became too much for her with "dance," because she completely went blank and couldn't think of anything. After that snafu, the remainder of her guesses were accurate.

She couldn't come up with the exact words to The Weeknd's song "Earned It," but she knew the word "perfect" was in there, somewhere. The word "lovely" was an easy one because she and Khalid collaborated on a track of that name, and "party" immediately reminded her of Miley Cyrus. Watch as she sings a few lines from Big Sean and Kash Doll's "So Good," P!nk's "So What," H.E.R.'s "Gone Away," along with Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Radiohead, and many others.