Seven-time Grammy winner Billie Eilish is facing the heat over a video that allegedly shows her saying the Asian slur “ch**k” and putting on a “blaccent”. 

In the first seconds of the alleged evidence, the “bad guy” singer is seen supposedly mouthing the Asian slur under the guise of an internet challenge as the video is captioned, “if u can name every song in this i will pay you”, leaving lots of room for interpretation.

The middle of the clip is a little more incriminating, as you can hear Billie switch her tone and even hear her producer-brother Finneas ask her, “why are you talking like that” in the background of a longer version of the clip. 

The most damaging evidence is presented at the end of the TikTok, showing Billie yelling in what appears to be an attempt to offensively mock Asian languages

Tiktok user @icxvy set the match to the fire when they posted the video on Monday with the caption “#billieeilishcancelled lol”.

Since Monday, the video has garnered millions of views and over 13K comments. Social media erupted with reactions claiming that this is just another example of Billie’s insensitive behavior.

Some fans claim the video is dated, possibly going back to 2015 when Billie was 14 years old and less aware of the impact of her actions. One TikTok commenter said, “yall so soft” and another commented “oh god she’s a CHILD. people make mistakes. people change.”

Billie has yet to comment on the video or set the record straight. She's also been under fire for her alleged boyfriend's homophobic and racist comments online, which you can read about here.

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Check out the compilation below.


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