Billie Eilish has a formidable sneaker collection, which includes some of the biggest grails on the market, as well as some styles that haven't even been commercially released, but one of her pairs is going viral because people can't seem to determine what color combination they are.

The pop star confused her fans when she posted a series of videos and photos on her Instagram Stories, questioning them on why they thought her Nike Air More Uptempo sneakers were pink-and-white, instead of mint-and-white.

Just a few years after the original optical illusion trend, Billie Eilish is threatening to start the next one. This time, instead of debating over a white-and-gold or black-and-blue dress, we're racking our brains over Billie's kicks.

"You guys are all my f*cking dad," said Billie as she held up her sneakers. "Years ago I was wearing these shoes and my dad's like, 'wow those shoes are so cool what are those like pink and white?' PINK AND WHITE?"

As pointed out by several news outlets, Billie was inside when she filmed the video, which could explain the pink tones that everybody is seeing. When she went outside with the shoes, they looked mintier. However, for the most part, the majority of people are seeing pink. 

The sneakers are labeled mint by Nike, so we're confident that they're actually green but, right now, nobody is quite seeing it.

What do you see? White-and-pink or mint-and-white?