Disgraced promoter Billy McFarland has, by all accounts, been served a continuous platter of L's. By now, the trainwreck that is the Fyre Festival has been well documented and ridiculed accordingly, though his involvement in the hellish festival ultimately landed him behind bars. Well, that and a penchant for ripping people off. Though Ja Rule managed to skate from the doomed event, Billy found himself going down with the ship as a good captain should. Now, in an interview with People magazine, the recently incarcerated Billy has finally issued an apology for his antics.

“I am incredibly sorry for my collective actions and will right the wrongs I have delivered to my family, friends, partners, associates and, you, the general public,” he says. “I’ve always sought — and dreamed — to accomplish incredible things by pushing the envelope to deliver for a common good, but I made many wrong and immature decisions along the way and I caused agony. As a result, I’ve lived every day in prison with pain, and I will continue to do so until I am able to make up for some of this harm through work and actions that society finds respectable.”

He continues: "I’m devastated, but accepting, and I’ll use this opportunity to live my apology and become the family member, friend, business person and good citizen I should have been all along. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me every step of the way. Your love keeps me focused. Your hope keeps me motivated. Earning your forgiveness will fuel the rest of my days.”

One has to wonder if his future lies in business, though life is full of harsh lessons. There are very few one cannot glean wisdom from.