Birdman has always held Nicki Minaj at high regard but it sounds like he wants the rest of the rap game to do the same. Speaking to B. Dot with MTV News, Birdman spoke about the reign of Cash Money ahead of their new Spotify series, "New Cash Order." Regardless of how you feel about Baby's business practices, you can't deny that his ear for talent in unmatched and Nicki Minaj is a prime example of that.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

"Honestly, I don't think Nicki gets the credit she deserves. I come in an era when females, it was hard for 'em. She come broke the chain. Nicki broke the cycle for females," he said. "Nicki did more than any female artist, ever. And you have a lot of great artists before Nicki Minaj. But Nicki Minaj changed the game for females. "

He then went on to explain Nicki Minaj's work ethic. "Nicki used to be in the studio with nine, ten n***as every night with us in Miami," he said. "Every single night, putting in the body of work to become who she became. So, I don't think Nicki gets the credit she deserves, but you know, time tells all."

Nicki's undoubtedly shifted the game in her own right but perhaps the next studio album she releases will gain her the respect and recognition that Birdman believes she should receive.