Around two years ago, Birdman copped a crazy mansion in Miami. Previously owned by producer Scott Storch, the lavish crib cost him approximately $14.5 million. Although we can assume the mansion was in pretty good shape when he scooped it off the market, he nonetheless decided to do a bunch of renovations on the place. Now the construction company responsible for the costly renovations are claiming that they were not paid accordingly.

Reports surface today that Birdman is facing a $1 million lien from the company over unpaid work on the mansion. The Zankey Construction Company, based in Florida, filed the lien in court on November 4th. The court documents state that Baby failed to pay the two invoices from all the work on his home. The first invoice was for the sum of $998,700.97 while the second invoice totaled $43,049.35. The grand total of unpaid work equals $1,041,750.32.

Peep photos of the 9-bedroom, 17-bathroom home here.

[via The Jasmine Brand]