Over the weekend, Bitcoin's price hit a two month low, dipping to $6,647.33. This ten percent decline is the lowest value for the world's most recognizable cryptocurrency in two months. Back in December, during its all-time peak, Bitcoin was valued at $19,500, which effectively left market watchers on edge.

A bevy of factors may have contributed to Bitcoin's most recent loss, including the hack of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail, pre-week selling, as well as an increasingly strict crackdown on market manipulation. 

Investor Alistair Milne ran a Twitter poll which saw its participants vote on the likely catalyst for slump, with roughly 3,700 voters believed to be the work of aliens. 

Another Twitter used a particularly telling graphic that showcases a widespread decline in value throughout the cryptocurrency market, asking his followers "how is everyone's Sunday going?"

Some eager Twitter profiles found an opportunity to present this negative news in a more humorous manner, using popular gifs that encapsulate many cryptocurrency investors' mixed emotions about declining rates. 

However, some believe that Bitcoin and other forms of digital currencies will be able to bounce back from these troubling times, locating fruitful sprawls amid a murky abyss.