Hip-hop legend Biz Markie is in the hospital, TMZ reports. The groundbreaking beatboxer and rapper is reported to have been in the hospital over the past few weeks, though it isn't related to the coronavirus. Sources close to the rapper revealed that his hospitalization is related to diabetes. Biz Markie suffers from Type II Diabetes.

Mike Windle/Getty Images

At this point, the illness appears to be serious, though there hasn't been any actual updates on the status of his condition. He's currently at a hospital in Maryland.  "He is receiving the best care from an amazing team of medical professionals and we remain positive about the outcome," a rep for Biz Markie told the publication. 

Biz Markie revealed that it was his diabetes that made him lose 140 pounds. He weighed 385 pounds and brought his weight down to 244 pounds over the course of three years. He credited a strict diet and exercise for helping him lose 140 pounds. 

"I walk. I do the treadmill, I walk around the mall," Biz told the Daily News in 2013. "I do a little crunches with my stomach, not that much. Just enough to get the engine going cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha! Vroooommmmm."

Prayers up for Biz Markie. We'll keep you posted on any updates.