Bizarre and Eminem haven't worked together in years but they built a bond so strong that the D12 member feels a need to step in every time his Detroit brethren's name is disgraced. This week, Sada Baby was interviewed by Say Cheese when he was asked if he would include Em in his Top 5 Dead or Alive list of Detroit rappers. Surprisingly enough, Sada said that Shady is only an honorable mention for him, placing artists like DeJ Loaf, Tee Grizzley, and others above the legend. In his defence, he was pretty much baited into answering the question. Sada Baby appreciates street rap and Em has never made that type of music. Bizarre has since spoken out, addressing the interviewer and letting the world know that he's sick of Detroit rappers being pitted against each other.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

As reported by HipHopDX, Bizarre has called out the man who asked the question. He agrees that people aren't really bumping Eminem in the car these days but when it comes to his impact, he's Top 5 Dead or Alive in the world -- not just his city. "I’m sick this n***a @saycheesedigital trying to put are city against each other," wrote Bizarre. "No street n***a is not Bump at Eminem in the car .. he not street rapper."

Bizarre goes on to question why people even ponder whether or not Eminem is Top 5 in his city. He compares the rapper to Jay-Z, suggesting that it would be ridiculous to imply Hov isn't Top 5 in New York so Em needs to be featured on his own list. What do you think?