On yesterday's episode of The Joe Budden podcast, the titular host claimed he didn't want to start the year with by beefing with Bizarre. In case you missed it, the D12 rapper didn't care for Budden's thoughts on Eminem's "Untouchable," which Joe deemed one of the "worst records he ever heard." The proclamation, when coupled with an accusation that Em's camp was trying to profit off America's ungoing racial tension, didn't sit well with Bizarre. Once the "Chloraseptic Remix" dropped, many felt that Eminem was throwing subs at Budden, Bizzy included. And while Joe didn't feel targeted by Eminem's lyrical onslaught, he found himself ducking shots from not only Bizarre, but 50 Cent as well.

And while Joe didn't seem interested in pursuing a beef with Bizarre, it would appear neither party is ready to let this one settle. During an Instagram live session, Bizarre went in on Joe Budden. "What the fuck have you done in your career?" asks Bizarre. "Pump It Up? Nothing else sir...Didn't you open up for D12 in Canada motherfucka? What have you done? Don't you ever ever ever address me as a lil n***a. We gave you your shot! But you disloyal, like I keep sayin'. You motherfuckin' disloyal."

He goes on to invoke 50 Cent, implying Budden was too shook to reply to Curtis Jackson's threats. "You had nothin' to say about Curtis Jackson," taunts Bizarre. "But you want to talk about lil' old Bizarre...But come to Detroit and you'll see big ol' Bizarre." For more ranting from the shower-cap wearing rapper, check out the full video below. And while Budden didn't quite respond to 50 Cent, he did fire off a retaliatory shot at Biz, in a since-deleted Tweet. In fact, Budden even makes reference to the aforementioned Canadian tour.