Back when Eminem was in his emotional bag over quips Joe Budden made about his Revival, it was Bizarre who came to his defense. Through hell or and high water, Bizarre has stood up for his brethren, as he has matured in recent years (like he's demonstrated by keeping Proof's name alive in the record books). Incidentally his latest endorsement of longtime friend Eminem isn't quite as defensive as the last.

Bizarre took to Twitter to voice his feelings on MGK's "Rap Devil" diss record to Eminem, a record which as you know alleges a conspiracy against him. Regrettably we've been locked in a weird discourse all day, in which Machine Gun Kelly finds himself standing over the Dallas Cowboys Star at the 50 yard line awaiting a clothesline from an opponent of Bizarre's weight and aggression.

Although impressed by MGK's comeback attempt, which he deems the best of his career, Bizarre foresees a tough stretch in the coming weeks. "I think it was good, I think it's the best I ever heard Mr. Kelly rap in his life," said Bizarre in his personal vlog. "I think he stayed up all night, wrote the best possible bars he possibly could, but Boy (Eminem) gon do you something nasty!"

Nothing like a good pat on the shoulder.