The whole Bone Thugs vs. "The New School" saga is getting weirder by the minute. Just yesterday, Layzie Bone re-engaged with 21 Savage only hours after the Zone 6 rapper fielded his thoughts on what he believed to be a "wack attempt" at a diss record. 21 Savage wasn't really implicated in the ongoing Offset vs. Bone Thugs debacle until Layzie Bone chose to arbitrarily enter his name in the contest - at which point 21 implied that Layzie Bone's wife is on a strict diet of stick-to-the-bone pork chops. Then out of nowhere, another Bone Thug implicated himself in the way of Bizzy Bone, with his deliberate use of a shotgun as a means to provoke fear in 21, and the Migos faithful.

I implore you to watch the clip until the bitter end when Bizzy Bone is completely startled when the cops show up at his door. In this day in age, cops are quick to latch onto dubious activity circulating the Web, with social media fast becoming a "monitoring tool" used by several tiers of law enforcement, in the same manner, an employer keeps tabs on their workforce. Say what you will, but Bizzy Bone just elevated a prospective fist fight to a gunfight in one broad stroke. Keep it peeled.