Blac Chyna is accusing Rob Kardashian and the rest of his famous relatives of sabotaging her career as a reality television star.

According to information obtained from recent court documents, the idea for Rob & Chyna was originally developed in 2016, and was pitched to networks including Lifetime, Viacom & WE tv. Chyna was assured by her ex-boyfriend that he was free from any contractual obligations with E! at the time, effectively allowing the couple to pursue an independent business venture apart from his family. 

Lifetime reportedly offered Chyna the most lucrative contract, promising her a position as the resident spokeswoman for the network. The company was hoping to tap into a more urban demographic, believing that Chyna and Kardashian's series was a perfect opportunity to accumulate a more diverse viewership. 

However, the program was eventually picked up by E!, effectively squashing Chyna's chances of fronting a television network. As a result, she is accusing the Kardashians of betrayal, whilst hurting potential career prospects.