Shortly after Blac Chyna's oral sex video was leaked by an anonymous user on Twitter on Monday, a longer video surfaced on the same social media platform showing a woman, who looks nearly identical to Chyna, engaging in sexual intercourse with an unnamed man. While the former stripper has owned up to the tape showing her getting busy with her ex-boyfriend Mechie, she is keeping her stance that she is not involved in the newer video. 

TMZ is reporting that Blac Chyna has claimed that she is not the woman in the sex tape, which displays much more than the video she has admitted to appearing in. The woman shares a similar skin tone, hair style, and body type, even sporting multiple tattoos on her body like Chyna. Despite the similarities, Chyna is not breaking this time around, staying strong and insisting that the newest tape is not of her. The footage is significantly grainy and not entirely crystal-clear, leading many porn websites to try and pass off the video as a sex tape sequel.

Although Chyna may not be having the greatest week with many outlets slandering her name and judging her for being involved in the video, the model and entrepreneur appears to be in good spirits, hanging with her girl Amber Rose and possibly even collaborating with Ski Mask The Slump God in the near future.