In a recent video released by TMZ, Blac Chyna was captured leaving Beverly Hills dining establishment, Mastro's. The model seemed to have enjoyed the company of her friends and a few drinks to boot. Despite appearing slightly tipsy, Chyna had a rather important message to share, proving that political stability, the future of democracy, and the treatment of breast cancer were issues on her mind that evening.

The footage shows Chyna leaving the restaurant clad in an embellished leather jacket and bedazzled sunglasses. When she recognizes the presence of fans and paparazzi, Chyna approaches them, first asking them to "chill out." Much to her friend's chagrin, Chyna then engages in conversation with the onlookers telling her friend, "let me get my word out."

Chyna then proceeds to announce, "Go out and register, vote." After a brief interruption from her friend and the paparazzi, Chyna implores them to quiet down so she can speak up once more. "So let's get the word out, you ready?" she said. Irrespective of a slight slur in her voice, Chyna boldly asserts, "Go out and vote. Figure out, like, when it's the registration -when it's the deadline. It's midterms, you know what I am saying? It's breast cancer awareness. My grandmother died from that. Encourage, like, the woman to get the women to check themselves out, you know what I mean?"

Right on.