Last week, Blac Chyna was a big part of Wendy Williams' show, leaving with so many takeaways when it aired. She did an interview with the controversial talk show host, speaking about her past relationships with Tyga, Rob Kardashian and others, her children, her former career as an exotic dancer, and more. Chyna loves to show off some skin on her social media channels, using her curvy body to promote her brands and actually capitalizing off of it by becoming one of the biggest sponsors for Fashion Nova Curve. She's been getting to the bag and her latest promotional tactic was to channel the iconic Pamela Anderson, closing her eyes and posting a couple of sultry shots online.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The entertainer shared a series of images in which she looks like she drank a full bottle of vodka. Her eyes are glazed over and she plays with her hair, trying to look into the camera but she can't exactly meet its gaze. She's wearing a black bodysuit that hugs her body tightly, leaving little to the imagination. With Chyna's curves already stealing the show when she's rocking a casual fit, she makes it even more intense when she decides to go for looks like this one.

Take a look below.