Today Blac Chyna has taken celebrity transparency on Instagram to a whole new level. She's always been known as someone who has had plastic surgery (like many celebrities) but has never been open about it (why would you be?) until now. 

She posted at the entrance to Rodeo Aesthetics, where she was going presumably to get plastic surgery. In the photo's caption she said that she's "getting ready for 2019." Who needs resolutions when you can pay for a new body on Rodeo Drive. 

The doctor doing the mystery procedure has not only been on TV for his work, but also has a very creepy Instagram. In his before and after photos he poses next to his patients in a crouch, almost in the way someone might pose next to some expensive car. The "About" page of his website describes his surgical skills, which it seems Blac Chyna has taken to heart: "Dr. Emil Kohan has a gifted eye for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He cares deeply for his patients and will support you as you achieve your desired outcomes."