Despite all of the drama that's been going on in Blac Chyna's life, if there's one day she could forget about it, it's today. That's right, today Blac Chyna celebrates her birthday as she exits her twenties and enters her thirties. She's definitely bound to have a great birthday party at some point today and hopefully, she'll have the chance to celebrate with her children. However, she took to Instagram to give her fans a quick glimpse of her recent birthday photoshoot.

Blac Chyna kept it classy but sexy for her birthday photoshoot. She took to Instagram to give fans a glimpse of some of the photos. The photos are actually from her editorial exclusive with FashionBombDaily. Her dress is from Muehleder while her shoes are from Barneys. She also shared a glimpse of a little birthday gift she got for herself. Chyna flexed a new iced out chain that she shared on her Instagram as well.

YBN Almighty Jay also sent Chyna some birthday wishes on Instagram. Which is surprising considering it was only a few days ago when he revealed that he "cut off" Blac Chyna, for whatever reason. Clearly, that's not the case and the two of them are still going strong. He'll probably end up doing something extravagant for her birthday which will likely end up surfacing on the Internet by tomorrow morning.