Evidence has surfaced pointing to the split of YBN Almighty Jay and his elder wifey Blac Chyna. No one ever believed that YBN was entering a caretaker relationship with the model, ten years his senior. We never quite understood their dynamic in all its splendor. We never have gave it a chance to jump off the page, in our mind Blac Chyna and YBN Almighty are two shallow individuals with wrong fixations. But alas, nature ran its course, or so it seems. Their relationship to date has been one helluva roller coaster ride of missteps and snap-realizations.

The Shade Room has uncovered the following social media documents which point to the demise of their half-year romance. First off, Blac Chyna is seen sharing a tender moment with this unidentified man while stationed in her motor vehicle. The unidentified man I will call "Dude" for the sake of clarity, asks Blac Chyna to give him a kiss, which she agrees to do after pulling a blonde tendril of hair out her teeth. 

The other document is an Instagram story in a which a model by the name of "Cree" blows Jay a kiss while wearing his chain. The post is complete with his social media tag, thus eliminate any shade of doubt concerning the ownership rights of the gold plated medallion. Judging by circumstantial evidence and the lack of contact stemming from their social media accounts, it's safe to say Blac Chyna & YBN Almighty Jay have simply grown apart. Thanks for the memories you both. It was fun while it lasted.