Back in January, it was revealed that both Tyga and Rob Kardashian had made donations to cover the medical costs of Blac Chyna's comatose assistant after she had suffered a seizure in Chyna's salon. Lorena “Patty” Hernandez, Chyna's assistant, suffered a brain hemorrhage and has been in a coma since early this year. Although the former stripper claims to have been supporting Hernandez' children, she could be facing a lawsuit as Hernandez' family prepares to take her off of life support.

Page Six is reporting that Hernandez was pronounced brain dead on Monday after suffering irreparable bleeding of the brain. According to the publication, Chyna's assistant is still on life support and her husband is preparing a lawsuit against the reality star for abusing his wife and not providing her with worker's compensation. Chyna had previously stated that she was caring for Hernandez' children but, according to Page Six's source, all she did was spread the word and "reach out to her baby daddies." In fact, Chyna has reportedly never even been to the hospital to visit her friend. When the initial incident occurred at her beauty salon, Chyna apparently gave orders to police to not share any information on the situation, never taking time to check on her assistant.

Hernandez' family is preparing to take her off of life support today after her healthy organs were donated to patients in need. We will keep you posted on any potential updates on the upcoming lawsuit.