For anybody that has followed Blac Chyna's career from the start, it won't come as a surprise to hear that she's not on the best terms with her mother, Tokyo Toni. They've had very public rifts over a wealth of issues, including Chyna's children, her relationships, and her career. While they seemingly have been able to put their differences aside at times, last week, Tokyo Toni went on the record to claim that she's not proud of what her daughter has accomplished during her career.

"We're nothing alike. She mimicked me, just like Nicki Minaj did, just like Cardi B and everybody else. Mimicked me. But there's only one of me, how about that?" said Toni on Tasha K's podcast. "No, I'm not [proud of her]. I'm saddened by [what she's accomplished] because I know why she received it. She couldn't receive the same things without doing the things she's done by hurting people. By hurting her nannies, by hurting her friends, by embarrassing her family, by hurting her mother."

Arnold Turner/Getty Images

Many have been waiting to hear Blac Chyna's response to her mother's recent comments, which have officially come via the celebrity's appearance on the Wendy Williams Show. She spoke with the host about her mom, showing maturity in her comments.

"It's nothing for me to really say. I can't change anybody," she said. "My mom, she's set in her ways and I can't really dwell on anything in the past, I just have to focus on my kids and my career and the things that I have coming up and remain positive and pray'd up. That's honestly the only thing that's on my mind."

The entertainer also spoke about her co-parenting relationships with Rob Kardashian and Tyga, revealing that they don't pay her any child support. Watch her appearance on the show above.