Blac Chyna just can't seem to shake her drama with the Kardashian/Jenner family. We know that she has a child with Robert Kardashian, but it seems like she has an issue with his many sisters at any given day of the week. The last dispute revolved around Blac's plan to launch her own eyelash and lash accessories company dubbed Lashed, but was displeased to hear Kylie Jenner was embarking on the same venture. 

Being as Kylie's Cosmetics company has labeled her a close billionaire, The Blast reports that she's filed a trademark for “KYLASH” to do her own collection of eyelash products. Blac did her best slow-motion walk to her car while paparazzi asked her to comment on the pending drama with her former sister-in-law - you can peep the video here

In other Blac news, she recently got dismissed from the ongoing legal battle from when her best friend crashed her BMW. Paige Addison crashed Blac's car into another vehicle and sources say two women fled the scene, allegedly one of them was Blac. After months of Blac denying that it was her at the scene, she's finally proved herself and has reached a settlement. 

Hopefully, 2019 has fewer court battles and lawsuits for Blac.