It looks like Blac Chyna has already had enough of her newest boyfriend, Mechie’s antics. According to TMZ, the two have reportedly broken up following a massive fight earlier this week.

Sources tell TMZ that Black Chyna got into an “explosive” argument Monday night with Mechie over his constant flirting with women on social media. The two had been dating for not even two months, but that was long enough for him to showcase his love for her by getting her initials behind his ears (see below). The ink hasn't been dried for a full month yet, and already Chyna has kicked him to the curb.

Following the argument Monday night, Blac reportedly hit up the Tarzana studio in LA and found inspiration to vent her frustration on the mic & record some new music. And after she was done in the booth, TMZ learned that Rob Kardashian’s ex hit up the strip club Ace of Diamonds. That same night, her baby daddy’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, also showed up to the club with her now boyfriend Tristan Thompson. TMZ says the ladies crossed paths & gave a little stare down, but nothing ultimately happened of course.

According to TMZ, Mechie is still trying to get back his ex girl Chyna, but she’s apparently ain't having it. However, knowing her past record, the on again off again routine is pretty common, and history definitely has a tendency to repeat itself.

All of this news comes in the midst of Chyna’s on-going legal battle with Rob Kardashian for battle of custody over their child Dream. Neither of them have requested for child support, but if it were to be requested, Chyna would have to pay Rob based on the fact she makes more money than him.

Nevertheless, we’ll continue to keep you posted on Blac Chyna moving forward. Are you interested in hearing what her music sounds like?