Earlier this week, Tyga took to his twitter to publicly share his feelings & happiness for his ex-girlfriend & baby mama, Blac Chyna, following news that she and new bae, Rob Kardashian, are tying the knot. Well it turns out, Tyga’s kind words might not have had the best intentions as we originally thought.

TMZ is reporting that Blac Chyna doesn’t believe a single word Tyga said, and in fact a close “source” to Blac Chyna’s camp suggests that he’s makes her life a living hell. TMZ says that behind doors, Tyga is trying to get full primary custody of their son King, and that their relationship has gotten so bad that Tyga won’t accept her phone calls, only talks to her through email reportedly. In addition, sources say Tyga and his boys have been out there calling her a "drunk whore," "deadbeat mama," and "nasty bitch" as well.

Of course, we don't know Tyga’s intentions, but if what Blac Chyna is saying is indeed true than it’s pretty likely that tweet from Tyga was probably a publicity stunt forced by management.

We’ll keep you posted if anything more surfaces on the saga that is Tyga x Blac Chyna x Rob Kardashian.