There's been a lot of rumors concerning the relationship of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian as of late. Things started to snowball when Rob Kardashian took to twitter to share Kylie Jenner's phone number as some form of revenge, after apparently being upset that his baby mama wasn't invited to a baby shower planned by his sisters. 

This spurred reports that Chyna and Rob had been split up for some time, and this was the reason for Chyna's lack of invitation. It also incited reports that Rob was slipping back into a cycle of weight gain and depression, and was ultimately scared that Chyna would leave him for a rapper. Perhaps it ain't so, though.

Chyna tweeted out Rob's phone number last night, the tweet remains intact. That tweet alone could add to the evidence that the two are split, however, on her Snapchat, Chyna can be seen with Rob explaining the reason you should tweet out your man's number.

"To make sure your man is not texting no bitches, just tweet his number out," she said, turning to Rob to ask him, "How's that feel Rob? How you feel?" She added to him, "Get your number changed."