As her ex staves off Nikita Dragun gossip, Blac Chyna has been enjoying her romance with Taiyon Hector, also known as "Lil Twin." The rapper and his rumored mogul fiancée have been making appearances on social media as they share heartwarming, loved-up posts of one another. This relationship has been blossoming for some time, but Chyna has been careful to keep information about her private life away from the masses.

Yet, Lil Twin recently caught up with AllHipHop and spoke with the outlet about his music career, and during the conversation, he was asked about how he met the reality star.

"Music, in the studio," he said. "We met in the studio here in L.A., through a friend of a friend. One of my good peoples reached out and said, 'Hey, I’m over here in the studio shooting some PR work.' She was doing PR work for me at the time, doing PR work for Chyna. She said, 'I’m showing Chyna your s***, she wants to rock out on some music.' I said, 'Alright, fasho.' She said, 'Pull up.' I said, 'Alright, just let me know when.' They sent the addy, I pulled up. We did two records that night."

He added that they spend quite a bit of time together and visit the studio daily. "Literally. Since the day we’ve met, we probably spend about ninety-five percent of our time together. To this day, that’s my baby." The connection is real, and Lil Twin expressed how it feels to be in love. "It’s a great feeling. Hell yeah, it’s a great feeling. Love’s supposed to be easy. A lot of m*********** be like, 'Man, one of the toughest things in life is love.' F*** it ain’t! That’s toxic, that’s some b*******. That’s somebody’s in it for the wrong reasons type s***."

"When y’all both in it for the right reasons, no motives, no hidden narratives, that’s s***’s supposed to be easy." Check out a few images of the happy couple below.