Ouch. Blac Chyna got hit hard this weekend. Police have reportedly told TMZ that Chyna's house in Tarzana was broken into and robbed of $200,000 worth of cash and jewelry. Her fiancé, Rob Kardashian, who is also staying at the house, called the cops upon discovering the stolen goods. The money and jewelry were taken from a safe, which appears to have been properly unlocked -- and not busted open, suggesting that the culprit(s) may be acquaintances of Chyna and Rob's. 

Soon after the burglary, Chyna discovered that a sex tape starring her as well as her baby daddy, Tyga, was allegedly being shopped around various porn sites and media outlets without her permission. The timing of these two unfortunate events is suspicious, so one has to wonder if whoever broke into Chyna's house was able to obtain the sex tape in question. If so, then perhaps Chyna's losses could be far greater than $200,000. 

Chyna's attorney has warned that he and his client will pursue legal action against those who stole the sex tape "with a vengeance." Stay tuned for more updates regarding the current frenzy Chyna currently finds herself in.