We've got an update on Blac Chyna's recent assault case. The incident occurred in Chyna's Los Angeles home when the hairdresser claims she asked Chyna for payment and things reportedly went left. TMZ reported that sources confirmed the hairdresser threw soda cans at Blac Chyna's White Bentley and the whole thing was captured on video. The hairdresser involved in the tussle with Chyna claims that the reality star threatened her with a knife. Since it occurred, Blac Chyna claimed that the hairstylist's allegations were false and that she was simply attempting to pull a "Jussie Smollet" on her. As the legalities surrounding the alleged incident occurred, further information hinted at a lack of evidence surrounding the hairstylist's claims. And now, TMZ indicates the entire case was thrown out by a court judge for this very reason. 

According to the aforementioned news outlet, Blac Chyna will not be prosecuted for allegedly pulling out a knife on her hairdresser. The Los Angeles City Attorney's office shared that the cases against both Blac Chyna and her hairstylist were rejected due to insufficient evidence. More specifically, there is not enough to charge Chyna or her hairdresser with a felony and as such, they tossed the case. Neither parties will be penalized.