Blac Chyna can celebrate knowing she has one less issue to deal with. As reported by PageSixa judge has dismissed the $2 million defamation lawsuit against Blac Chyna which was being pursued by her ex, Pilot Jones.

This has been a messy case. The lawsuit came about when Jones claimed that Chyna and her then-fiance Rob Kardashian outted him as being bi-sexual on social media. In defense, Chyna claimed that Jones was selling pictures of the two of them making out while also claiming he was the real father of baby Dream Kardashian.

Jones formally requested the defamation lawsuit to be dismissed on Thursday. Earlier in 2020, Rob Kardashian won $45,000 from Jones when a judge dismissed the claims but granted a motion for attorney's fees.

In Thursday’s dismissal, the judge ruled that it was Chyna’s First Amendment right to “dispute false media reports." It seems like the drama over near the Kardashian side of the entertainment industry just never ceases. Chyna is also embroiled in other lawsuits with the billionaire family. She even went out of her way to release a statement about Kanye. "Chyna of course wants her daughter Dream’s ‘Uncle Kanye’ to get whatever help he needs,” Chyna said via her attorney. “However, Chyna does not want all of his recent statements regarding his mother-in-law summarily dismissed as ‘crazy’ as some people apparently would like to do.”