It looks like a scandal just broke out involving Blac Chyna and a sex tape that was leaked to Twitter early today. An anonymous Twitter user leaked a video that clearly shows Blac Chyna getting it on with an unknown man, and her face is pretty evident in the shots. Chyna was a victim of "revenge porn" last year when her ex-boyfriend, and father of their child Dream Kardashian, shared nude photos of her on Instagram. The police are currently investigating the current matter as they attempt to remove the content from the Web, or at least find whoever posted it.

Chyna claims that she is not responsible for the leak and that her team is vehemently looking into the situation to find those guilty of releasing the footage. While the man in the video is not identified, it is not Rob Kardashian, whom she dated last year. The video is a little longer than a minute and the man's voice is audible although his face is never shown.

Blac Chyna's attorney, Walter Mosley, told TMZ that he cannot comment on the video as it is a current criminal matter. As news develops regarding this story, we will update you with more information.