Blac Youngsta is NOT happy about a new picture of him from jail, which was allegedly taken by somebody posing as his lawyer.

The rapper was arrested on a weapons charge this weekend and, while he has since bailed out, there was some drama at the jailhouse he was booked at.

According to a new video shared on his social media, Blac Youngsta was met by somebody looking to represent him, taking a selfie with the would-be lawyer, who then pretended to be signed onto his legal team.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

"If y'all know me, y'all know for a fact, every time I've ever caught a case, you ain't never seen no bullsh*t ass drunk ass lawyer post no motherf*cking picture of me, n***a," said the Memphis rapper. "I don't pay that motherf*cker top of income for no motherf*cking charges, what type of n***a do you think I am?"

He goes on to explain the situation, claiming that he was told that his attorney was at the jail to meet with him, which confused Youngsta because, for the last fifteen years, he's been working with a lawyer from out-of-state. He says that the man, who is not his actual lawyer, offered his services, which the rapper refused. BY said that he should instead help out one of his homies in jail, telling him that he would pay but, as far as his case goes, he's cool. 

"The n***a realized I ain't need his help," added Youngsta. "He looked at me like I was a crazy-ass, dumbass n***a but I'm looking at him like 'who the f*ck is you?' My lawyer don't come to see me in jail. The n***a just posted that sh*t on Instagram and y'all went for it."

He goes on to say that anybody that hires him to legally represent them will lose their case.