Blac Youngsta just posted an Instagram video that has fans questioning what might be going on with the ball-happy rapper. In the clip, Youngsta is standing in a corner store with a massive stack, addressing some unnamed detractors. His stutter-speak is nigh unintelligible, and the way he is swaying back and forth suggests inebriation. 

Youngsta then proceeds to spit a freestyle, pressing a wad of cash against his head like a psychic trying to find the previous owner. All the while, Youngsta's eyes are crossed in an unblinking stare. The video ends with the rapper cradling his cash like a baby, channeling Gollum as he whispers "my're so beautiful."

The video is definitely strange, but not without charm. Youngsta comes off as quite the enigma, switching up his cadence and demeanor with every passing clip. In our interview with him below, dude was calm, collected, and articulate, doling out financial advice to all the would-be entrepreneurs.