With Memphis rap beginning to boom through the resurgence of Three 6 Mafia's "Who Run It," fresh faces are marking their territory as they come out of Tennessee. BlocBoy JB has racked up an impressive list of features in his young career and Blac Youngsta is only now hitting his true stride. The latter has become one of the most entertaining figures in all of hip-hop with his hilarious videos being shared nationwide. With the Memphis product teaming up with Rich The Kid for his own version of "Who Run It" earlier this week, Youngsta shared a message directed to anybody he hasn't spoken to between the span of one day to one year.

Beginning the video by stuttering over his words, Youngsta said, "B-tches, if I ain't talked to you in a year, that means I do not fuck with you no more, wh-re." Continuing his PSA, the rapper exclaimed, "If I ain't talked to you in six months, don't even call 'cause I don't plan on talking to you. So, be prepared for me not to call you, wh-re." Youngsta notes that if he hasn't spoken to you in a month, he still fucks with you, he's just really busy. Ending off his talk by claiming "gang shit," the "Booty" singer says that anybody that wants to talk should call him tomorrow because he won't pick up today.

Blac Youngsta has a way about him that is endearingly charming as he is naturally funny, seemingly not making an effort in altering his personality a touch. Peep the video below.