Earlier this week, Blac Youngsta and his crewmates pulled up in the Castalia neighborhood of South Memphis toting heavy artillery. They were looking for Castalia native Young Dolph, though it seems they weren't able to track him down. It seems the threatening invasion was motivated by a beef that's brewing between Dolph and Yo Gotti, Blac Youngsta's boss at CMG. 

Dolph released his new album, King of Memphis, on the same day (Feb. 19) as Yo Gotti's The Art of Hustle. Some took Dolph's bold title as a shot at Gotti, though it seems the initial tension dates back to before Dolph chose the same album release date as The Art of Hustle. Last month, Dolph sent out a tweet about a certain fan-turned-hater, likely directed at Gotti. 

Blac Youngsta was extremely offended at the alleged disrespect toward his label boss, and he made sure Dolph would hear his response (and see his guns) by uploading an intimidating video to the Internet. Before Youngsta and several of his affiliates raided Castalia, he shared a video from a Memphis parking lot in which he addresses Dolph directly. "Dolph you a bitch, you a soft ass n*gga, you nice ass n*gga," he begins. "If you got a problem, say you got a problem."

He also rejects Dolph's album title: "You ain't no motherfuckin' "King of Memphis," you ain't king of South Memphis, you ain't even from the city, bitch!" Both scenes -- Youngsta's verbal response to Dolph as well as his foray through Castalia -- have been condensed into one, though the uploader has blurred out the weapons. Watch below.