The residual effect of systemic racism in Post-Apartheid South Africa is felt to this day. If you need further evidence that racism is a viable thing the World over, look no further than Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke in the NorthWest of the country, where kindergarteners were given adjacent floor plans based on their skin color.

The Afrikaaner children who are greater in number, are seated at a long table, in the center of the shot. The Black children, three in total, are depicted as castaways, with the corner view lens. Don't believe me, look into it yourself. The Daily Mail reported that parents of the children were displeased with the teacher's implementation of a segregation policy. 

Some parents even wound up talking to the press (at the National level) in an attempt to further the discussion beyond provincial borders. "This was meant to be an exciting day for me but it's not. I am pissed off," said a parent speaking with TimesLIVE. Parents were the individuals of provenance to know about the photo's existence, as it was mailed directly to them via WhatsApp.

The TimesLIVE publication contacted the school's principal. According to Naledi Shange, the principal was never informed of the teacher's conduct, when the story first went to press, which in itself is pretty telling of the situation in Post-Apartheid South Africa. As a consequence, the province's education minister Sello Lehari was forced to issue the following disclaimer after paying the school a visit.

"From the information I got from the meeting, it seems that there are a lot of cases here of racism," I will send a team to do an investigation into all schools... to deal with issues of racism in totality," Lehari said.