Blac Chyna appears on The Breakfast Club to promote her new reality TV show and address some common topics linked with her. Charlamagne Tha God goes right into by asking her straight off the bat, about recent rumours of the fight she had with her hairstylist. Chyna keeps it vague, simply answering, "because of legal reasons I won't get into it." Charlamagne seemed insistent on addressing her beef though, going on to ask her if she thinks she has anger management issues, "it seems through the media, that you have anger mgmt issues" he says, referring to the altercation with the stroller thrown at the woman that happened last year. Chyna denies having issues and says of the matter, "nobody gonna touch my kids after I told you not to touch them," going on to deny that she had had any sort of altercation like that with Alex Skyy.

The topic of discussion moves on to her body enhancements, with DJ ENVY asking her if she has "any regrets about any of the stuff you've done." "Naw I don't have any regrets," replies Chyna, "not at all." Charlamagne proceeds to ask her why that is, pointing out that she has a large following of girls looking up to her. "That's just me," Chyna replies, "if I didn't go through this then I wouldn't be where I am, wouldn't be sitting here right now [..] I don't think there's nothing wrong with a boob job, if you feel uncomfortable, you should change it. I don't think nothing wrong with it at all if it makes you happy" 

They then go on to talk about love, and address rumours that Chyna "falls in love too quickly." "It seems every week you with a different nigga," Charlamagne tells her. But Chyna denies that she falls in love quickly, and even that she was actually dating all the men she was linked to, "no listen, its nothing wrong with dating, like if I'm going out to dinner why we gotta be dating?" she asks, "if we walk out holding hands they'll be like 'oh they're datin'," she says, looking at Charlamagne.

On the topic of dating, the hosts question her about her recent relationship with Ybn Almighty Jay: "You was just smashing?" Charlamagne asks, with Chyna laughing and replying simply with a "yeah." "Were you in love with Rob?" they ask her, and Chyna replies instantly with, "yeah I was," continuing to say that the two are on good terms.

But the Kardashian questions don't stop there. The hosts ask her multiple questions addressing the Tyga/Kylie relationship (with Chyna admitting it was "grimy"), her opinion about Kim working towards being a lawyer (she had nothing to say on that), as well as the fact that she was still proceeding with her lawsuit against the family (which she indeed is).

 Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Charlamagne then asks her about her sex tape, whilst Angela Yee laughs and describes it as "a lazy sex tape." "I'm sorry, I don't suck dick," Chyna admits, saying that she "doesn't have to," "I'm a starfish," she jokes.

They then briefly talked about whether she's dating anybody right now, and Chyna revealed she was not, "I'm not looking for nothing right now," she says, but admits that she sees herself getting married in the future, adding, "with two more babies too." Charlamagne continues, to ask her about her Future tattoo, and questioned whether the two dated. "Yeah we were talkin'..." she responds.

Charlamagne finally circles back to her boob jobs, asking her, "why did it take 4 breast jobs?" "I wanted them bigger and bigger," she explains proudly.