And the cookout goes on.

Hundreds gathered at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California on Sunday at an event called “BBQing While Black,” in support of the family that faced discrimination. The event was a rebuttal to a Caucasian woman’s call to the police reporting that the family was using charcoal in an area where it wasn't permitted. The original incident took place on April 29.

The woman, allegedly identified as Stanford faculty member Dr Jennifer Schulte, has become a meme, with the now-infamous image of her on her phone, all over social media. She even has own dedicated hashtag, #BBQBecky.

Residents turned the incident into a reason to celebrate black culture; as music bumped from speakers, there were performances, and vendors cooked ribs, sausages and chicken

A few locals went so far as to turn Schulte mug into a fashion statement, wearing sweatshirts featuring the image of her with the phone to her ear, making the 9-1-1 call.

While it’s not an act of protest, it was a good way to bring people together. But it still doesn’t get to the route of similar incidents that have been taking place.

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