In positive spirits today, we're happy to report on a story of Black excellence within academia. Lousiana-based high school senior, Antoinette Love, rose to spotlight recently after the graduate received over 115 university acceptances and an astounding $3.7 million dollars worth of scholarships. The promising student told CNN, "I just kept applying. I wanted to see how many I could get into."

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Clearly, Love must have underestimated her qualifications because she was surprised to be accepted everywhere. The 18-year-old girl holds a 3.7 GPA and takes part in several school organizations such as the anime and video game club, the English honor society as well as the Rho Kappa honor society--and it doesn't end there. The extraordinary student also holds a part-time job in a shopping center outlet. Herein, the young woman sells ties, cuff links, and socks. Now, that is the embodiment of hard work and dedication. 

Love further encourages other students looking to achieve similar success to apply through the Common Application and the Common Black Application. Though she does not know as of now where she'll officially attend, the prodigy is affirmed to be looking at Fisk University, Lousiana State University and Brandeis University amongst a few other choices.