For six seasons, Black Ink Crew Chicago has been bringing in millions of viewers who tune in weekly to check up on reality television drama. The crew of rag-tag tattoo artists have become overnight celebrities because of the series, and when you put yourself in the hands of reality television producers, you never know how you're going to be portrayed on-air. Ryan Henry, the leader of the 9Mag crew, has endured criticism for years, and now that the sixth season has picked up this week, he had a few things to get off of his chest.

He made it clear that he and the mother of his children, Rachel, haven't been romantically involved in two years and they haven't gotten back together during that time, as well. There was a narrative spun that Ryan entered into a relationship with a woman named Kit, and according to Ryan, production asked him to "play her" as a means of bringing about a spicier storyline. He told them no, so production reportedly let him know that if he didn't want to play ball, they would spin a tale on their own.

"When they got the final cut of the finale episode, Producers were literally heard saying 'oh sh*t they f*cked Ryan, nobody answer his calls when this airs' the day before it aired," he tweeted. "It was fully twisted from what myself, Rachel, and Kit filmed and provided. Skillfully edited tho. I’ve had my mishaps on this show almost 4 years ago being immature and irresponsible. Fought the last 3 years to build myself and character up from where I f*cked up. So it means a lot to me what levels of integrity our supporters take from what I display from where I’ve grown."

"But Now to begin a season with me being a liar, a cheater, dishonest black man cuz it’s entertaining rather than the truth, is what I don’t and won’t agree with. 'It’s what you signed up for'. No it’s not. I’m here to inspire those who aspire and can relate to real. Not BS edits." Read through his tweets below.