Liliana Barrios, who appeared in a few seasons of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, was arrested in San Antonio last month for allegedly attacking her girlfriend, according to TMZ. The police report obtained by the tabloid website indicates that on June 3rd, the tattoo artist had gotten into a verbal altercation with her 22-year-old girlfriend that ultimately turned violent. The report states that Liliana decided to take off for the night to cool down, but upon her return, she allegedly discovered her girlfriend in bed with another woman. This led to yet another spat, at which point Liliana allegedly pushed her girlfriend onto the couch and attacked her.

liliana barrios lily black ink crew chicago arrest assault attack girlfriendNicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV


Liliana allegedly ended up scratching her GF all up and down her neck and arm and biting her right leg. The officers that arrived on the scene and filed the report claimed that they saw the scratches and abrasions on the the alleged victim's right knee. The cops insist that Liliana was in fact the aggressor and that she “intentionally and knowingly caused bodily injury.” Liliana was then arrested for "assault and bodily injury on a cohabitant."

However, according to Page Six, Liliana is claiming that the whole thing has been fabricated. After the publication reached out for comment, the former reality star responded, "all I know is that story is made up." She later followed this up by saying, "I just called my lawyer. I have no comment rn.”