Black Ink Atlanta is receiving some legal heat after airing particular types of scenes. The VH1 reality show and some of its stars have been hit with a lawsuit from the owner of a rental house in which the crew had been filming.

The angry landlord, Hussein Abdelhadi, claims that Jakeitha "Sky" Days broked their agreement by filming scenes in the Atlanta home. He was shocked about how his property had been used and is, therefore, taking legal action against the production company, as well as Sky, who is the manager of the Atlanta Tatoo shop featured on the series. Ceasar Emanuel is also tied up in the legal issue as the owner of the shop.

The legal documents filed by Abdelhadi state that the lease was granted exclusively for residential use. The landlord also affirms that Sky was the only person entitled to use the location under the lease's terms. Emanuel's presence was also a breach in their agreement for this reason. The man's alleged use of the location to engage in sexual activity with multiple women only makes matters worse. On top of all this, Jakeita made it seem like she was the owner of the property throughout the series.

Abdhelhadi specifies that he was shocked by the content that aired. He is embarrassed "by images of the property being used as a house of ill repute." He was planning on moving his family back into the house after Sky's departure, but the use of his property has tainted his home.