When it was rumored that a Black Mirror film was in production, fans of the anthology series were extremely excited. Charlie Brooker had previously suggested that he wouldn't be expanding Black Mirror to include films but now, it's looking pretty certain that Bandersnatch will be the first of its kind. The upcoming film was previously rumored to be starring Fionn Whitehead in its lead role as a Korean source updated the plot information last week. Now, the first image from the movie appears to confirm Whitehead in the lead role, also introducing two new actors into the fray.

Bandersnatch is expected to strike Netflix on December 28 and before then, fans of the series are frantically binge-watching the entirety of the four seasons so they can spot any Easter eggs right away. The first photo from the film shows three men looking intently into a few computer screens, which falls right in line with the plot details shared briefly the other day. Will Poulter and Asim Chaudhry also appear in the photo, which confirms their roles in the movie.

Black Mirror's directors have been silent about any details surrounding the upcoming film. Considering the popularity of the series though, they can likely drop it on the 28th without saying a word and it'll still perform incredibly.