Black Mirror fans are at odds with the first-ever interactive episode/movie released by show creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones - the creative execs deciding upon the novel idea of letting the fans choose and develop the narrative, similar to a choose your own adventure gamebook. If you've never laid your hands on a choose your own adventure gamebook, let me explain the basis for the concept.


The reader, or in this case the viewer, picks from hidden caches to further the narrative, sometimes as simple as allowing the main protagonist to pour themselves a glass of water before the next cut sequence. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is hoping that by opening a user narrative, they can build even more suspense over the existing template. Did it work? This is how the first wave of viewership has responded to the Bandersnatch gimmick. Consider yourself warned, the following meme-trail contains its fair share of SPOILERS.

As you can see, some viewers were better prepared than others when it came to "taking the corner." One user postulated a sandwich-eating meme to suggest the Bandersnatch experiment wasn't working to its intended effect, but the tough guy crowd only makes up a small percentage of the viewership that is otherwise paralyzed with fear. What are your thoughts on the Netflix unveiling, did it work you over?