If you've been feeling a depressing-dystopian-fiiction-shaped hole in your life since the last season of Black Mirror ended, you can finally rest easy. The new season (or "series," as the show's creator Charlie Brooker would call it) will be released on December 28th, just in time for you to have an excuse not to party on New Years Eve. The news came in a Tweet from Netflix (now deleted) that shared a little too much information. Let's hope an intern isn't getting fired for this one: 

As you can see, the season will be called "Bandersnatch." What this means is anyone's guess, in the past the show has made episodes about everything from evil robotic bees, to underground stationary cycling farms. 

As well as a new season of traditional TV, Black Mirror (along with other Netflix shows), plans to release interactive content. The "choose your own ending" ability could prove fun, but also sounds an awful lot like something that Black Mirror would satirize in one of its episodes. 

While you're waiting for the new season to come out, why not go back and watch some of the show's best episodes to date? We've compiled a list of the top five which you can read here.