In a recent and troubling clip from the popular television show Dr. Phil, a young black teen by the name of Treasure declares a deeply rooted loathing for African Americans and her race. 

The clip opens with Treasure announcing "I know a lot of people take issue with my beliefs. I'm white. I'm a caucasian because everything about me is different from African Americans." Launching into a conversation about her appearance and the features that supposedly make her unlike other African Americans she says, " I have naturally straight hair, my hair is not nappy, it does not require weave. My nose is not giant as African Americans..."

Throughout the segment, Treasure continued to speak derogatorily of African Americans often using terms such as  “hood rats," "thuggish," and "ghetto,” to describe them. She maintained that she has a figure similar to that of Kim Kardashian West and is "completely and utterly better” than Black people. When confronted by Dr.Phil and her mother, Treasure continued to double down on her controversial statements, making it increasingly evident that she is dealing with an identity crisis.

After watching Treasure speak, an invited and accomplished Atlanta life-coach named Spirit eloquently told the young girl's mother, “We have issues around culture, we have issues around class, we have issues around racial identity, and we have issues around self-esteem. It’s not that she hates Black people; it’s that she hates herself.”