If there was any doubt that Black Thought will go down in history as one of the greatest lyricists to ever do it, look no further than his brand new album Streams Of Thought Vol 3. And even though he's got another volume of the series coming in the imminent future -- this one with features from Rick Ross, J.I.D, Redman, and more -- Black Thought has already set the stage for yet another new album. This time, he's teaming up with producer Danger Mouse for a collaborative project, appropriately titled Dangerous Thoughts.

Black Thought Danger Mouse

Mychal Watts/Getty Images

While the album was previously announced years ago, it would appear that both parties are finally ready to make the long-awaited album happen. "The Dangerous Thoughts album, that's probably the next move I'm going to make," he confirms, around the thirteen-minute mark. "The long-awaited joint collaborative effort between me and Danger Mouse. Though it's something that's probably going to drop in the middle of all these Streams Of Thought volumes, cause it's something that we began the initial idea maybe thirteen or fourteen years ago. I don't consider it to be part of that same series. It's a standalone joint, a full-on album." 

"It's a record for people that got into hip-hop and sort of evolved at the same period of time we did," continues Thought. "We're the elder statesmen." If that wasn't enough, Black Thought promises a return to his roots, as it were. When Ebro inquires as to whether a new Roots album is in the cards, Black Thought confirms that it is indeed -- albeit it not in 2020. "2021 for sure," says Thought. "2021 for a new Roots album for sure." Check it out below, and show some love to the legendary lyricist.